Leave EP

by Ryan Short

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All songs written, preformed, and produced by Ryan Short.
Artwork by Ryan Short. Edited by Jenny Steigerwald and Ryan Short.


released 08 December 2012

Special thanks to Andrew Toothacker for help with drum tracks and Jenny Steigerwald for her help with the album artwork.



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Ryan Short Portland, Oregon

Ryan Short is a Portland-born singer/songwriter set on creating genuine music that is both soothing and natural. His music lies somewhere between the roots of traditional folk and the modern turn that acoustic music has taken towards more intricate and creative finger picking guitar work and vocal melodies. In May of 2012, Ryan released his first solo album, Cloud Mountain. ... more

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Track Name: Float
I don't want to see you go tonight
The moon's still on the horizon
White light brings out your tired eyes
Lets never get off this island
Lets never get out of here

Now that you're mine, I know I've gotten
A love that will last through the ages
And in my time alone I stood still
Waiting for a love to find me
Like the ones from novel pages

Let it float out to sea
Like a boat that's lost the coast
It will come back to you
If you only wait to see

Begin again when its over
Left a mark, broken hearts, nothing lost
You stay the same and I never change
We can't ever grow apart

I will wait for you
Track Name: Rode There In A Year
Tomorrow will come
Yesterday forgotten
The broken legs will stay
The judgement all rotten

And they're all so amazed
That they can feel too
Impressed by the words they say
So high above you

But you can't see through my eyes
Or cough my dusty lies
You only needed a vessel to
Tell you what your supposed to do
And I have seen the hell we had
And lived through all the time we found
And I could say it would never last
Those weren't the words that got me out

And now I know that if I go,
I leave you here alone
But if I stay another day,
I'll just be on my own

I heard you say that life will never go your way,
you'll be alone
Its been a year and now I hear you rode away,
my dear
And all is said and all is done and you're the only one
Hold on
To blame for this catastrophe you've thrown on top of me
Track Name: Leave
Leave me on my own
You make me leave town
I was a fool to say
I was always gonna stay

Leave here tonight
Pile of burning fights
I know I can get burnt,
Thats not the part that hurts

Leave me
Leave me girl
Quit trying to spin my world
Leave with all your offerings
This earth has never seen peace
And I am one to say I tried
Track Name: Early Days
I miss things from back then
And your face isn't one of them
I remember your eyes
But I remember your eyes

I miss things from back then
And your face isn't one of them
And your lips, shut so tight
And your hips, not next to mine

I remember your eyes
But I remember your eyes
Track Name: While I'm Away
Engines ring through the forest
Feelings flow through my heart
And in my dreams a choir's chorus
Does sing we shouldn't be apart

I wish you weren't so far
And if I wish, its true
So just come to me
Oh darling, please
I want to be with you

And to your eyes, I can't tell a lie
That I'm without the love of my life
And won't you come back to me
So I can be complete

Think of those nights out in rain
Cold lips that I miss while I'm away
But when I'm depressed, I'll fly back west
If you will wait for me